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    Mike's Gang Smowmass, CO January 2021
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    Terry's Gang Taos, February 2021
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    Roger and Company Taos, February 2021
  • Mary's Peeps
    Mary's Peeps Crested Butte, February 2021
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    Shear Fun Two Skis Up Crested Butte, February 2021
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    Where Do We Ski Next? Big Sky, March 2021
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    John's Full Gang Big Sky, March 2021
  • John's Gang
    John's Gang Big Sky, March 2021
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    Overjoyed! Deer Valley, January 2020

2021-2022 Trip Destinations

Epic pass at Ogden is for Snowbasin only, not Powder Mountain. Zermatt trip includes 2 nights in Zurich.

As of Noon, Friday, June 25, Trip Applications & Deposits are being accepted for ALL trips.

Trip Preview and Registration Tutorial
The link below will open a video tutorial to guide you through how to use our new online registration system. It tells you how to simply read all about a trip (preview it) without signing up, and how to sign up for the trip (register) when and if you're ready. The online system is quite easy and self-explanatory so it's not necessary to watch the video first. It's provided in case you would rather view it to see what you will encounter before you dive in.

NOTE: The new online registration applies to all trips except Breckenridge, Zermatt, Holland, and Scotland.
TBSSB - online system.mp4

Zermatt, Holland, and Scotland were rescheduled from 2020 and again from 2021, due to COVID

See below for Roommates Needed

  • Breckenridge, Summer 2021
         Sold Out
          Thu, 7/15/2021 - Tue, 7/20/2021
          Trip Leader: Joe Bayliss

  • Vail, CO (EPIC) Wait List
         Sat, 12/11/21 – Sat, 12/18/2021
          Trip Leader: Phil Reed
          Co-Trip Leader: Greg Gerard

  • Snowmass, CO (IKON)
          Sun, 12/26/2021 - Sun, 1/02/2022
          Trip Leader: Joe Bayliss
          Co-Trip Leader: Nick Colantonio

  • Beaver Creek, CO (EPIC) MLK Weekend
          Thu, 1/13/2022 - Mon, 1/18/2022
          Trip Leader: Pattie Housewright
          Co-Trip Leader: Kristl Kamm

  • Telluride, CO (EPIC)
    Wait List for the Peaks
    Suites avail. at Mtn Lodge
          Sat, 1/15/2022 - Sat, 1/22/2022
          Trip Leader: Rob Livingston
          Co-Trip Leader: Janica VanBrocklin

  • Lake Tahoe, CA FSC (EPIC)
          Sat, 1/22/2022 - Sat, 1/29/2022
          Trip Leader: Nancy DelGatto
          Co-Trip Leader: Jason Depp

  • Whistler, BC, Canada (EPIC)
          Sat, 1/29/2022 - Sat, 2/05/2022
          Trip Leader: Craig Batchelor
          Co-Trip Leader: Gus Nouel

  • Ogden, UT (EPIC)
          Sat, 2/05/2022 - Sat, 2/12/2022
          Trip Leader: Mary Pulaski
          Co-Trip Leader: Peter Doten

  • Taos, NM FSC (IKON)
          Sat, 2/12/2022 - Sat, 2/19/2022
          Trip Leader: Leslie Foreman
          Co-Trip Leader: Lynda Weaver

  • Snowbird, UT (IKON)
          President's Weekend

          Thu, 2/17/2022 - Tue, 2/22/2022
          Trip Leader: Dave Kessler
          Co-Trip Leader: Suzanne Huffman

  • Winter Park, CO (IKON)
          President's Week

          Mon, 2/21/2022 - Sat, 2/26/2022
          Trip Leader: Eric Foreman
          Co-Trip Leader: Joe D'Intino

  • Jackson Hole, WY (IKON) Wait List
          Sat, 2/26/2022 - Sat, 3/05/2022
          Trip Leader: Mike Pearson
          Co-Trip Leader: Terry Barton

  • Whitefish, MT
          Sat, 3/05/2022 - Sat, 3/12/2022
          Trip Leader: Andy Stiles
          Co-Trip Leader: Mindy Duran

  • Zermatt, Switzerland FSC (IKON)
          Fri, 3/11/2022 - Mon, 3/21/2022
          Trip Leader: Barb Shank
          Co-Trip Leader: Peggy Gummoe
         Wait List

  • Big Sky, MT (IKON) Wait List
          Hills/Pinellas Spring Break

          Sat, 3/12/2022 - Sat, 3/19/2022
          Trip Leader: Toufic Moumne
          Co-Trip Leader: Leslie Gerlach

  • Steamboat, CO (IKON)
          Sat, 3/19/2022 - Sat, 3/26/2022
          Trip Leader: John Eberhardt
          Co-Trip Leader: Rick Cervis

  • Aspen, CO (IKON)
          Sat, 3/26/2022 - Sat, 4/02/2022
          Trip Leader: Chrisje Mays
          Co-Trip Leader: Ron Ronald

  • Bike & Barge, Holland Wait List
          Fri, 4/13/2022 - Mon, 4/23/2022
          Trip Leader: Lynda Weaver

  • Bike & Sail, Scotland Wait List
          Fri, 8/26/2022 - Tue, 9/08/2022
          Trip Leader: Mary Pulaski

  • Bike & Barge, Germany
          Fri, 7/30/2022 - Tue, 8/06/2022
          Trip Leader: Nancy DelGatto
          Link opens as a PDF

Epic pass at Ogden is for Snowbasin only, not Powder Mountain. Zermatt trip includes 2 nights in Zurich

As of Noon, Friday, June 25, Trip Applications & Deposits are being accepted for ALL trips

See below for Roommates Needed

Board Member Corner

Board Member
Nancy DelGatto
Vice President

Our August 20 Kick Off party was a huge success with many of our ski trips selling out. This success is because of YOU, our loyal traveler so we thank you for your continued support in making Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders number one. It was great to see so many of our previous travelers at the party as well as some new faces. It was like a family reunion!

We strive hard to give you the best ski trip for the money. Our trip leaders work hard to make sure that the trip goes smoothly so that you, our traveler, can relax and have fun on your trip leaving the details to us.

Last month our club president asked “Why do I ski?” There are so many reasons why – like the first run of the day on fresh powder or hearing the snow crunch under your skis. There’s nothing like that crisp mountain air and enjoying the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The challenge of a double black run or simply enjoying cruising down a green or blue. This and making friends on your ski trip – it’s a perfect combination.

This year TBSSB has 16 ski trips planned to some of the best ski resorts in the west and we hope you will be a part of these fabulous trips. What are you waiting for? Sign up now, you’ll be glad you did!!

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