Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders

About Us

Club Highlights

  • Not-for-profit social ski club run entirely by volunteers who are highly motivated and share a common bond of skiing/riding.
  • Provide a large selection of low-cost ski packages, escorted by fully trained, knowledgeable, and experienced leaders.
  • Largest independent ski club in the Tampa Bay area.
  • A member of the Florida Ski Council (FSC) and offers reciprocal membership in all other Florida Ski Council member clubs which allows you to participate in other clubs’ trips without having to pay membership dues again.
  • Frequent parties with giveaways of exciting prizes like ski packages, lift tickets, skis and other equipment. They are normally on the first Friday of the month from September through April and are open to the public.
  • A club governed according to established "Bylaws" by officers and a board of directors, elected by the membership.
  • A Club newsletter, "The Sitzmark," e-mailed frequently for the latest Club information.


Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders are committed to providing its members with the following:

  • Quality trips to first-class destinations and 3-stars or above accommodations with rare exceptions
  • A variety of trips each year; both in length, price, and location so our travelers have many options from which to choose
  • Good value through use of aggressive purchasing strategies


  • Sell 95% of our scheduled trip spaces
  • Maintain our members and replace the members we lose with new members
  • Provide quality trips for our members, so that our members come back year after year and ultimately bring their family and friends, thereby increasing our Club membership
  • For all trips, score over 85% satisfaction rate on end-of-trip traveler surveys


  • Leadership commitment to improve Trip Leader preparation with technology and annual training
  • Develop and motivate outstanding trip leaders
  • Well-trained leaders and assistants who are educated using comprehensive training methods and are available to respond quickly to travelers’ questions and/or comments
  • Infusion of technology which will help sell trips through our Club’s Web site
  • An easy, friendly way for our travelers to sign up for trips
  • Develop an easier to use software program to help organize and run trips
  • Provide good value through use of aggressive purchasing strategies
  • Network with other ski clubs around the country to gather new ideas and incorporate a ‘Best Practices’ approach to leading trips
  • Provide a fun, social atmosphere at all Club social events and trips
  • Offer reduced rates for lift tickets and optional activities by utilizing the power of group rates wherever possible
  • An ongoing pledge by the Board of Directors to be one of the best ski clubs in the state, as well as the country


A 40+ Year History

In 1970, a small group of ski enthusiasts got together and mused over the possibility of a local ski club. The first meeting was held in the garage/game room of Bob and Mary Sprinkles with about 25 people attending. At the second meeting, each person contributed $1 so that Don Pleasants could write a club charter. During the first three months, membership grew to 300! This was a sign that Tampa was going to have an active snow ski club. Our first ski trip was to Vail with 20 skiers in December 1970.

The small number of skiers required the Club's affiliation with the Southeastern Ski Association in order to have enough people to charter a trip.  Tucker Marston was the 1st president during the Club's first ski season. Slowly but surely, new ski destinations were added to the already growing trip list...Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, and Lake Tahoe, to name a few. The Club became known as the Suncoast Alpine Club, Inc. (in 1976 a name change added “Ski” to the name – officially changed in 1988) -- complete with trip catalogs, officers, and a board of directors, plus a monthly newsletter!

By the 1984-85 ski season, 11 trips were available and the Club had 600 members. In 1986, the Club began doing business (DBA) as the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers. As the years passed, the number of trips grew, and the Club needed to evolve to reflect the ever- changing world of winter sports.   In 2006, we added "Boarders" to our name, recognizing the growth of this aspect of winter snow sports, becoming the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders (TBSSB).

We have week-long trips leaving almost every weekend from December through April, multiple trips going over the New Year's holiday, and we round out the offerings with "long weekend" trips that give us the variety that is bound to satisfy every need.

The best kept secret is in Tampa Bay...the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders...which boast a 3000+ membership that continues to sends nearly 1000+ skiers to the slopes annually. And to think – it all started those many years ago in a couple's garage with 25 smart skiers.


Significant Dates

Club's Inception - Florida - Not for Profit, Incorporated July 27th, 1970 as the Suncoast Alpine Club, Inc.

Name Change - March 21, 1988 - Suncoast Alpine Ski Club, Inc.

Presently DBA (doing business as) Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders


1 70-71 Tucker Marston
2 71-72 Wes Guptil
3 72-73 Vince Albanese
4 73-74 David Yost
5 74-75 Ray Royster
6 75-76 John Tranquillo
7 76-77 Ralph Tennant
8 77-78 Tom Devoe
9 78-79 Tom Devoe
10 79-80 Scott Charlton
11 80-81 Jerry Garcia
12 81-82 Ed Campbell
13 82-83 Brooke Ballagh
14 83-84 Hank Williams
15 84-85 Linda Charlton
16 85-86 Saul Rachelson
17 86-87 Jack Boyd
18 87-88 Al Desilet
19 88-89 Larry Sizeler
20 89-90 Kim Strickland
21 90-91 Billy McPhillips
22 91-92 Janis Gallagher
23 92-93 Steve Flora
24 93-94 Toufic Moumné
25 94-95 Diana Rao
26 95-96 Wayne Duckstein
27 96-97 Shawn Lingle
28 97-98 Harry Brown
29 98-99 Harry Brown
30 99-00 Don Hutto
31 00-01 Don Hutto
32 01-02 Mike Drankwalter
33 02-03 Mike Drankwalter
34 03-04 Jim Smith
35 04-05 Jim Smith
36 05-06 Toufic Moumné
37 06-07 Pattie Housewright
38 07-08 Pattie Housewright
39 08-09 Phil Reed
40 09-10 Phil Reed
41 10-11 Roger Copp
42 11-12 Roger Copp
43 12-13 Mary Pulaski
44 13-14 Mary Pulaski
45 14-15 Peggy Gummoe
46 15-16 Karla McKenzie Newan
47 16-17 Karla McKenzie Newan
48 17-18 Mike Pearson
49 18-19 Mike Pearson
50 19-20 Joe Bayliss
51 20-21 Joe Bayliss
52 21-22 Terry Barton
53 22-23 Terry Barton