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Club Leadership 2023-24
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Board Members and Bios

Leslie Foreman, President

I have been skiing with Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders since 2009 and became an Assistant Trip Leader with the club for the first time in 2017. You will not find a finer group of ski club members and leaders in the country! Every board member and trip leader is committed to making sure that all of our travelers have an outstanding and memorable experience on every trip.

Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders is committed to providing fun, social activities throughout the year, which we encourage all current and new members to attend. As an avid cyclist, I am thrilled the club offers both international Bike and Barge trips and local Bike and Blade outings.

Please email or call me at 727-510-6286. Our best ideas come from you, our great travelers!

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Janica VanBrocklin, Vice President

Vice President I've been involved with the club for many years and enjoy taking on more leadership roles in growing our group activities as well as assisting/leading trips. As Social Director the past few years, I had a great time leading fun activities in the off-season bringing travelers together. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our club as VP as well as leading some amazing trips!

I can be reached at 727-278-4322 or email


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Mindy Duran, Secretary

Secretary I have been an active member of the TBSSB club and have traveled with the club several times a year for over 15 years. I have been an assistant trip leader the last two years and always try to help when needed in club activities. I want to give back to our club by serving as Secretary.

I can be reached at 813-230-6654 email



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Nancy DelGatto, Treasurer

Treasurer I have been a member of TBSS&B for 12+ years and have served on the board in numerous positions (Catalog Editor, Social Director, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer and Secretary) and am happy to be returning this season as treasurer. I have had the opportunity to lead ski trips to some wonderful resorts as well as a bike and barge trip to Croatia. During these trips, I have met some wonderful people and have made some great friendships! I look forward to serving on the board to provide our travelers with another amazing ski season.

I can be reached at 813-334-6844 or email


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Pattie Housewright, Assistant Treasurer

Assistant TreasurerI have been a member of TBSSB for over 25yr. I have been on the Board several times in the past. I have been a Leader or Assistant on countless trips over the years, which has given me a chance to meet a lot of GREAT travelers and form some lasting friendships. I appreciate the opportunity to again be on the Board for this Club and help keep TBSSB moving forward.

I can be reached by email


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Rob Livingston, Director of Sitzmark

Director of Sitzmark I have lived in the bay area for over forty years and still gainfully employed. I've been the webmaster for 10 years and counting.

This is a new opportunity to get more involved with the club and looking forward to the two year tour of duty.

I can be reached at 727-656-0214 or email


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Ken Moody, Director of Marketing

Director of MarketingAfter skiing with the world’s best ski club (this club!) for 17 years and serving as a co-leader on several trips, it’s now my pleasure to serve as Marketing Director. With 16, count em, 16 ski trips this season, and other great summer trips, we offer endless fun! We also offer leadership opportunities, adventures, parties, comradeship, and more.

I discovered the TBSSB club shortly after moving to St Petersburg from Indianapolis in 2004. After my first trip, I knew this club was for me. I’ve been skiing with this club ever since and have made many great friends here. When I’m not skiing, or daydreaming about skiing, I also enjoy cycling, traveling, hiking, and playing guitar.

I can be reached by email

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Karen Ritter, Social/Publicity Director

Social DirectorMy family and I started skiing with the club in 2006 and we have enjoyed multiple trips over the years. Most recently, I was the co-leader of a trip to Winter Park and continue to enjoy meeting new friends and getting more involved with the club. I am recently retired after 20 years as the Director of Special Events for the USF foundation. (GO BULLS!) I live in St. Pete where I enjoy running, biking, golf, and amazing sunsets. I look forward to planning local and travel events that are fun and engaging for all!

I can be reached at 813-716-3099 or email


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Terry Barton, FSC Delegate, Past President

FSC DelegateIt’s our loyal travelers that have made our club so successful. The people in our club are special and bring an enthusiasm and spirit that gives me pride in saying that I’m a member. We always seem to succeed in the FUN department!! Skiing/Boarding is the passion that brought us all together, but the friendships gained go much further than a week on the mountains. This is what makes our club one of the best in the country.

When I started on the board, my guiding force was to always do what is in the best interest for the club, our travelers, and our club leadership. Eight years later, this guidance hasn’t changed. Let’s keep this club thriving. Bring a friend to one of our social events and hopefully they will like what they see and join you on one of our trips.

I can be reached at 813-495-8859 or email

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Karla McKenzie-Newan, Trip Committee Chair

Trip Committee ChairI have been a member of Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders for well over 10 years. I have served on the board in numerous positions including Social Director, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, VP, President, FSC Rep and Trip Committee Chair. I have had the opportunity to lead ski trips to some wonderful resorts domestically as well as internationally. I have met some amazing people and I have made some great friendships! I look forward to serving as the Trip Committee Chair this season and will work hard to have another amazing ski season.

I also enjoy all types of travel, biking, paddleboarding, Yoga/Pilates and spending time with my family, friends & dogs.

I can be reached at 727-244-2036 or email

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Peter Doten, Trip Committee Co-Chair

Trip Committee Co-ChairI have been a member of the Club since 2017. After a few years just as a traveler I have started leading trips, created a new Technology Administrator role within the club, and most recently have taken the helm as Trip Committee co-chair. I am looking forward to help bring in new members to the club and ensure we have the best experiences for our travelers for years to come.

I enjoy many of the non ski social activities that our club has to offer like Bike-and-Blades and you can often find me on the Pinellas Trail which is only a few blocks from my home. I have been working in the technology space for over 12 years and have been applying that knowledge to my leadership within the club.

I can be reached at 914-475-7124 or email

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Rob Livingston, Webmaster

Rob Livingston, Webmaster I have lived in the bay area for over forty years and have been graphic freelance artist for over thirty years. I first learned web design in 1999 which married nicely with my knowledge of graphic software.

I became a member of TBSSB in 2009. I have been passionate about being part of the TBSSB team, doing the web and leading trips and making tons of new ski buddies. The web keeps me busy year round so I'm involved all the time and I love it!

I can be reached at 727-656-0214 or email


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Peter Doten, Technology Administrator

Technology Administrator The 2021-2022 season marks my 6th season with the club and my second as the Technology Administrator. I am looking to take my experience working within the tech sector to make the lives of our board, trip leaders, assistant trip leaders, and travelers easier.

When I am not out on the slopes I enjoy biking, cooking, and spending time with my rescue pup. I became hooked on the club with my very first trip and haven’t looked back!

I can be reached at 914-475-7124 or email


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All meetings are Wednesday's at 7:00 PM
with Aprés Meeting Activity unless noted

..And This Is What They Do...

Provides leadership to the Club by setting goals and objectives; runs the Board meetings and serves as designated representative of the Club.

Vice President
Chairs the program committee, which is responsible for planning all Club meetings, arranging sponsors and coordinating programs.

Responsible for the maintenance and organization of all Club records, including minutes and correspondence, and inventory of Club stationary, office supplies and forms.

Issues monthly reports to the Board on expenditures and income for each budget category and trip. Is responsible for the training of accounting procedures for all trip leaders and assistants. Conducts reconciliation's with all trip leaders before and after their trips. Oversees Club office and prepares tax returns.

Assistant Treasurer
Works with the treasurer on monthly reports to the Board, trip leader training, reconciliation's, maintenance of Club office and preparation of tax returns.

Sitzmark Director
Prepares, publishes and distributes the Club's monthly newsletter "The Sitzmark.”

Social/Publicity Director
Recruitment of new members. This includes answering questions and approving new members on TBSSB Facebook page (along with other administrators). Plan fun non-ski related activities (monthly) : biking, golf, kayak, happy hours, etc. Man the welcome table at all club functions and parties, (recruiting necessary help).

Trip Committee Chairman and Co-Chairman
Responsibilities include, establishing the list of trips to be taken by the club, recruiting new trip leaders, training trip leaders, coordination of trips with Travel Agent.

FSC Representative
A little background goes with this one. Our Club is a member of an organization known as the "Florida Ski Council". This is a group made up of Ski Clubs from around the State of Florida. They hold meetings and set up trips that all participating Clubs attend. This greatly enhances our Club's "Buying Power" in the Skiing Industry. There are too many positive reasons that we are members of the FSC, to list them here. So essentially, the FSC Rep. is the liaison between our Club and the FSC. He is our voting delegate at all FSC meetings.

Manages the club’s website year round even when there isn't any apparent skiing activity. Work to include posting the current roster of trips and archiving older ones, posting party and board meeting schedules. Webmaster also takes head shot photos of new trip leaders and assistants and processes those photos for all uses.

Technology Administrator
Manages the club’s online trip system, digital assets, online voting, and assists other board members and directors in the many technical platforms we employ.

Board Meetings

Party Dates