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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I need to know how to ski to go on a ski trip?
A.Definitely not. We have a number of members who travel with us every year and are not skiers. Approximately 15-20% of our travelers are "newbies" and have gotten into this sport by going on ski trips with us and learning how. Ski lessons are highly recommended.

Q.I'm just a beginner skier, will I have to ski by myself?
A.Definitely not. Every ski trip going out has skiers from virtually all skill levels. By attending the monthly Club parties and individual pre-trip parties you will get to know some of your fellow travelers and can seek out others with your skill level. Usually, after arrival at your destination and you begin skiing, those of similar skill find each other.

Q.Do I need to know how to ski to go on a ski trip?
A.Definitely not. Every ski trip going out has skiers from virtually all skill levels. By attending the monthly Club parties and individual pre-trip parties you will get to know some of your fellow travelers and can seek out others with your skill level. Usually, after arrival at your destination and you begin skiing, those of similar skill find each other.

Q.I'm traveling alone, do I have to find a roommate?
A.We will do our best in assisting you in locating a suitable roommate however if a roommate is not available you can pay the additional fee (single supplement) and have a room of your own.

Q.I am looking for a roommate?
A.If you are seeking a roommate on one of our TBSS&B trips and we have located someone you do not know, we will require that you get in touch with each other and decide if you would like to room together. If you both agree to room together, we will need that confirmed in writing from each of you (email is fine). You both will have to provide a trip application and deposit to reserve a spot (unless already sent). One caution when agreeing to room with anyone - if your roommate cancels before the cancellation date, one of three things must happen. Either a new suitable roommate is found, or you agree to pay the single rate, or you cancel. Just a cautionary note. This is not common, but it has happened and the Club wants you to be forewarned.

Q.The trip I wanted to go on is full, what should I do?
A.The options you have here are: Find a second choice trip to sign up with or contact the trip leader from your first choice list and get put on their "Wait List" or do both. However, be sure to pay close attention to cancellation dates for all trips you apply.

Q.Can I snowboard on all Club trips?
A.Maybe. Most ski areas welcome snowboarders, however, some don't. Check with the Trip Leader for a trip you are considering, before signing up. They will know.

Q.How can I pay for my trip?
A.Write us a check. We will also take cash; receipt provided. Your credit card is also accepted, contact your trip leader for details.

Q.Are lift tickets included in the price of the trips?
A.No. Lift tickets are additional. Experience has shown that we can't find a "one-size-fits-all" lift ticket to include in the package price. Some people ski only 3 days, some insist on skiing 6 days. By not including lift tickets, everyone pays the same price for the basic trip. You can, however, buy your lift ticket through your Trip Leader in advance and if there is a group discount available, any savings will be passed on to you.

Q.Do all trips stay in hotels?
A.No. Some trips will stay in condominiums. Amenities will vary so check with your Trip Leader. Typically condo's are based on a quad occupancy.

Q.Will I have to buy ski equipment before I go on a trip?
A.No. Trip Leaders make arrangements with ski equipment rental companies to rent skis, poles, and boots to our travelers, usually at a discounted rate. Check with your Trip Leader for details.

Q.How can I become more involved with the Club?
A.Check with any Trip Leader or Board Member, if you would like to become a Trip Leader. Plus, there are a number of other areas that need assistance from time to time and don't require the obligations of leading a trip.

Q.I don't want to overlook something, what should I pack for my trip?
A.Over the years we have compiled this checklist of things to take along. You can add to this list as you need to, but this is a pretty good list of basics. If you are not sure what an item might be (what the heck is a gaiter?), talk with your Trip Leader or any other Club Member. Ski Club Members LOVE to talk skiing, this could be a great "ice-breaker" to meet new friends.

Q.What are FAM Trips and Why Does TBSSB Participate?
A.TBSSB is constantly looking for ways to improve our trips so our travelers have the absolute best experience possible.  Your trip leaders attend several days of extensive training each year on how to run organized and fun-filled trips.  Your club’s trip committee spends exhaustive hours planning and creating trips 12 months ahead of the actual travel dates.  A couple other valuable experiences for trip leaders are FAM and site inspection visits.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, a FAM is a Familiarization trip.  FAMs are sponsored by organizations such as tour operators, travel agents, and lodging properties.  The purpose is to help others (ski clubs, conference planners, event organizers, and so on) become more familiar with a place they may want to book for their organization.  Your club, TBSSB, voluntarily participates in a few select FAMs to learn more about places we have never been to, or where we haven’t gone for several years.  This helps us to make better trip selections, and to better plan trips to the destinations that we select. 

TBSSB also participates in Florida Ski Council (FSC) Site Inspections.  These are a little different than FAMs.  Every club participating in an FSC trip is expected to send their trip leader to the FSC Site Inspection to help plan the trip and coordinate the events for the week.  With the hundreds of travelers on an FSC trip, this trip is vital in helping the trip run smoothly. 

Most of the costs of a FAM or FSC Site Inspection are paid by the sponsoring organization, the resort, the lodging property, or the travel broker.  Covered costs typically include lodging, most meals, ground transportation, and some events and activities.  Airfare for these trips is paid by TBSSB, but this cost is not passed on to the traveler’s trip price to that destination.  Other costs incurred during the FAM, including meals not covered by the sponsor, are paid for by the participant who goes on the FAM or FSC Site Inspection.  The club representative is required to write an extensive report about the resort, resort reps, lodging, mountain, food choices, and activities so the trip committee can make a decision about future trips to the destination.  The club representative who participated is then expected to lead the trip to this destination the following season. 

Both FAMs and FSC Site Inspections facilitate better trips for our members.  Neither a FAM nor a Site Inspection is a “pleasure vacation” for the representative from our club.  He or she is required to tour and evaluate many different lodging options and other facilities. The club representative provides firsthand information to the trip committee so they can select better venues for lodging, trip parties, and events.  The participant brings back valuable information about where things are relative to each other, how to get around on the local transportation, and more.  They also get to meet people from the mountain, the lodges, and the town and develop a relationship that helps things go a lot more smoothly on the club’s trip.  The club representative also gets to meet other trip leaders from across the country and glean good ideas from how they run their trips and their clubs.  

In addition to all that we learn by sending a representative on such trips, there are often other benefits too.  Sometimes, one of the sponsors will provide some financial benefit (a credit or discount) to the club if we select their destination, thus either reducing costs or providing extra value to our travelers.  It is rare, but we have also learned that a particular destination was not a good fit for our club and thus avoided scheduling a trip that might have been a poor experience.

TBSSB normally participates in the three annual FSC trips so we consistently send a representative to those FSC Site Inspections.  FAMs are less frequent.  We often participate in only one or none in a given season.  

We hope you appreciate all the benefits our trip leaders gain from these trips.  It’s just another way our club and trip leaders go the extra mile to make our trips successful.

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