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Frequent Traveler Rewards Program

Mountain View Sunset Flight We started our very own Frequent Traveler Rewards Program. We wanted to reward those who frequently travel with us each ski season, as well as those who decide (after reading about this program), for taking more than one trip with us each year. Download the Frequent Traveler Rewards Program PDF now.

One of its goals is to attract those travelers who may be considering either doing (if you're so lucky) your second and subsequent trip on your own or with another ski club. We really do want you to always stay with us, and it shows with this rewarding program for our Club members!

It works like this: Each traveler who goes on more than one organized TBSSB trip (ski or non-ski) (led by a trip leader, with all monies paid in full to TBSSB) with the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders each season (the Club's fiscal year) will qualify for a cash reward as determined by the Board in April of each season for each trip after the first. This Club member must be in good standing to be able to collect this reward (meaning no monies owed to the Club). Sunset Flight

Each frequent traveler will have to submit within a two (2) month window (postmarked from May 1 - June 30) the approved TBSSB form to collect any reward. The PDF of this Frequent Traveler Rewards Program form is only available during this time. The rules for this rewarding program are at the bottom of the form. Please follow them to the letter in order to qualify for your reward. Mail it and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

And here's a "Thank You" for all of those skiers/boarders and non-skiers who have been our "Frequent Travelers" each fantastic ski season with the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders! We love to have you on several of our trips! So stay with us now and in the future!

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